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Sunday, 03 June 2012 16:39

a2sd bug latest cm7.2

Again, and again about a2sd.
i'm so sorry because this issue still exist on

Yesterday, when i try to fix a2sd, i made a little mistake on a2sd script. it'll causee a2sd cant find your ext partition if you dont have swap partition on your sdcard. im not aware about this issue. because i have swap on my sdcard. few hours ago my friend told me about this bug. a2sd cant found his ext partition. After he give me log, i realize it a2sd script that i modificate.

Sunday, 03 June 2012 14:11

Add 9 Stockrom

This time i want to add many stockrom to our mirror service.
yesterday we only have 2 stockrom from asia pasific region. I think it'll better if i also add another region stockrom into mirror service.
Added 9 stock (official) rom, all stockrom is untouched and originally from samfirmware. Here's the list: 


Ok, before we begin install & download this amazing rom i highly recommended you guys to read some article:

  1. Latest build status & buglist
  2. Tutorial install cyanogenmod 7

Lets begin with changelog

Saturday, 02 June 2012 22:16


New mirror available with new User Interface and many feature.
This mirror have many feature but not all feature available yet, some feature still under development. now every file have their page, so if you want to share you can use link to files not link to folder. This mirror have news page so i'll try to update every new files & news about development/feature on this new mirror.
I'll give special feature to donors, you can read it on login menu. And this new mirror maybe need high cpu usage on android browser. but you still can download from android browser. and dont worry i'll make mobile version of this mirror soon.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 06:43

CyanogenMod 20120518 bug

Ok, i know latest version of cm7 for our device have several bug(s)

i need your help to report me all the possible bug(s)

because now i dont have many time to test all feature.

Lets begin with know bugs