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Tuesday, 22 May 2012 06:43

CyanogenMod 20120518 bug

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Ok, i know latest version of cm7 for our device have several bug(s)

i need your help to report me all the possible bug(s)

because now i dont have many time to test all feature.

Lets begin with know bugs

 known bugs:

  • bugs with a2sd (i dont know is it have bug with S2E or Link2sd. please let mw know)
  • bugs with gps (someone report it)
  • i dont know either

here's the report from me:

  • a2sd bugs: is application like S2E and Link2sd also make your phone bootloop? for s2e & link2sd please your comment about it!. Few minutes ago im trying to install a2sd on my phone. everything went well. im trying to move dalvik cache to sd-ext using a2sd. and WHOILAA!! i got my phone bootloop!!. then im trying to view what going on my phone using logcat (sorry i forgot to make screenshoot for you guys). it says system cant found application & framework on sd-ext. its strange and then i check my sd-ext partition from adb shell with command:

    $ adb shell
    # cd /sd-ext
    # ls -a -l 

  • wow, im surprised. my sd-ext partition is not as usual. all files & folder on my sd-ext is look like my sdcard. ok then im trying to look is my sd-ext mount well? it seems mmcbk0p1 is mounted as sd-ext and i cant see mmcbk0p2 on mounted list.
    For your information:
    • mmcblk0 = Its your sdcard partition. if you dont have 2nd partition on your sdcard
    • mmcblk0p1 = if you have 2nd partition on your sdcard, your sdcard will mounted as mmcbk0p1
    • mmcblk0p2 = if you have 2nd partition on your sdcard, your 2nd partition will mounted as mmcblk0p2

    a2sd bugs its because a2sd/system wrong to mount 2nd partition after you reboot to activated a2sd cachesdrest. so your sdcard will mounted on sd-ext. so system cant find application & framework that you move to sd-ext.

  • GPS bugs: for this reported bugs, i dont know. because i can use google maps to detect my location.

    I think my gps working well, is anyone else have this bugs?

 for now, i dont have solution for a2sd bugs. ill try to fix it! bug be patient because i have busy day now. i cant give you ETA.
if you found another bugs, please let me know. please participate to fix this bug with leave comment on this post.


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