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Monday, 30 April 2012 01:30

PX-Recovery Version-0.3.0

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Ok, before we begin install & download this amazing rom i highly recommended you guys to read some article:

  1. Latest version & Feature PX-Recovery

Lets begin with changelog

  • Add vibrate function. auto vibrate. but u can disable it from setting menu
  • Remove push apk to system (this feature is not important)
  • Add disable/enable onscreen button
  • New menu: setting & interface
  • wipe data: now not formatting sd-ext. only remove all files on sd-ext to prevent corrupted sd-ext partition


Download Link:

All iles can downloaded from my mirror server HERE


  • Make sure you see Latest version & Feature PX-Recovery article before download. To see latest version of my build
  • Make sure you're not picked wrong version. see carefully build number (date) on kernel before you download it.
  • If you found a bug and issue, you can discuss with me with comment system below.


Happy downloading.

regards, phiexz

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